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Summertime Sunless Skincare

Everyone wants a golden glow in the summertime. A spray tan is the best way to achieve this look. It’s healthy and does not damage your skin,
but if you want to keep your sunless tan looking good when doing outdoor activities follow these easy steps.

Use a good aerosol sport spray sunscreen.  These generally do not contain petroleum or mineral oils, which prematurely fade sunless tans. They
are great for water-related fun because it is waterproof, which acts as a barrier between the water and the skin. Do not use oil-based suntan lotions.

Make sure to use a good daily moisturizing lotion when going back indoors. We recommend using a lotion that is specifically designed to work with sunless tans. Check the label for Petroleum and Mineral oils or “anti-aging” ingredients, which may strip the tan off.

Water keeps the skin moisturized from the inside out and helps prevent dehydration while in the hot sun.  Make sure to drink plenty of water.


How Much Product Do I Need?

It’s the age-old question… HOW much product do I use? Here at Sol Potion we get questions all the time about how much product is needed to do the job without wasting. But when using our own shampoos and other beauty products we don’t know the answer. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve over used product because we had no clue how much to squirt out. Well ladies, this clever video by BuzzFeed demonstrates just how much. As a bonus you get a snack afterwards! Click the image to watch.

BuzzFeed Product Use


Welcome to Sunless Made Simple

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When people think of spray tanning one of several questions may come to mind. What is DHA anyway? Will I turn orange? How do I apply my makeup to match my newly bronzed skin? Why are mineral oils bad for my tan? Spray tan science has come along way since the discovery of DHA. Sunless-kissed skin is our passion. We are going over all the ins and outs of spray tanning. We have been training airbrush technicians and their client’s about spray tanning for years. There is a ton of information and misinformation floating around about spray tanning.
We designed this blog to break down how sunless works, how to get a great sunless tan and make it last. We go behind the scenes of sunless to answer questions that most sunless tanners have and to debunk some frequently told myths about sunless. By staying informed with our blog because we’re making sunless simple!

Michele & Lori from Sol Potion