Is Spray Tanning A “Tippable” Service?

Tipping is a customary way of showing appreciation to the person who provided a service that made Spray Tan Tipyour experience enjoyable. We tip for lots services; dining out, spa treatments, valet service, etc. but since spray tanning is a relatively new service, we often hear the question, “Do I tip you?”. The answer is yes. You would tip your spray tan technician just as you would your hair stylist, nail technician or spa provider. Believe us, your technician is grateful to receive it.

The question of “how much do I tip?” can be tricky to navigate. What is the etiquette for tipping?

The beauty industry standard is 20%. During our research we found that the percentage did vary a bit depending on what type of service you receive. Below is a list of services and standard percentage based on our experiences and industry recommendations.

– Spray Tans 20%
– Pedicure – 22%
– Mani/Pedi – 25%
– Hair Stylist 20%
– Spa Services – 25%
– Makeup Artist – 15% to 20%
– Waxing 20%
– Discounted or Complimentary Services – Tip based on what the bill would have been.

Of course tipping is always based on your discretion. If you are unsure on whether you should tip ask yourself these questions: 1. Did my technician make my service enjoyable? 2. Did I like the result of my service? 3. Would I come back here again for this service?

If the answer is yes then you should consider leaving a tip. Keep cash on hand for tips as some businesses do not accept tips on credit cards.

2 Responses to “ Is Spray Tanning A “Tippable” Service? ”

  1. My question though is it costs me $50 to get my hair cut, which takes the hairstylist usually an hour from start to finish, so tipping 20% is something I do. But a spray tan usually costs me more than that (about $55 at the place I go) and it takes the technician 10 minutes to do it. I think tipping 20% on that is ridiculous. Thoughts?

    • Hi Pauline, Thanks for your question. I can understand why you would think to tip based on length of service but there are other factors to consider. Spray tanning is a specialized service and truly an art. The technicians have been trained in their technique so that you get the perfect tan for your body and skin tone. While the service may only take 10 minutes to perform, they are considering every detail when spraying you so that the tan looks flawless and natural. Not everyone can do this. Many people think anyone can pick up a gun and start spraying but if you ever had a bad spray tan then you know that isn’t the case. In the end tipping is at your discretion.

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