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Spooky Looks For Halloween

We LOVE Halloween! Even though many people get spray tanned for their Jeannie, Belly Dancer or Sexy Nurse costumes we prefer to go a little on the “dead” side of color for our costumes. Using a little white body paint in our spray tanHalloween-looks guns and some smokey eye shadows we can turn ourselves into a Deadly Corpse, Ice Queen or even Lurch.

First, apply the body paint. Using your airbrush gun apply short bursts of the white body paint until you have an eerie dead look. Then with dark gray or black eye shadow shade the hollow points on your neck and cheekbones. With a powder brush dust your shoulders and arms with the dark gray eye shadow. Use a lighter gray eye shadow to darken your eyes. Apply some red lipstick and false lashes and your face is done. You can then apply wounds or anything else to complete your costume. The key to getting that “dead look” is to keep the makeup imperfect. The more messy the makeup application, the better the end result.

Scare up some cool Halloween looks using your spray tan gun for more that just that sun kissed glow.